Your Voice: Overview of the 2015 Membership Survey

Thank you to all members who completed the survey in September of 2015. Below are a few highlights from the survey that are guiding conversations around the Sounders Community Trust (SCT) activities and structure for 2016 and beyond.

First, the overall sentiment is positive. From the comments provided, you remain excited about the SCT and its role within the Sounders 2 organization. We are also aware that you’ve not seen enough updates from the SCT Board. In addition, concerns exist over the initial monetary investments made coupled with the lack of progress on buildings/facilities at Starfire. While building plans at Starfire remain on hold pending Seattle Sounders Front Office decisions, the SCT Board continues to represent all members. All monies originally collected remain secure and accounted for.

Communications are a second area that we need to improve upon. The following questions helped us understand what types of updates you would like to receive as well as how you would like to receive them:



In 2016 we will start delivering SCT Board meeting notes on a regular basis, aiming for delivery within three weeks of our meetings. For reference, the meetings happen on the third Tuesday of each month. We will be posting meeting notes from 2015 through February so that all are informed of progress being made.

In addition to representing the community’s voice in business discussions with Sounders 2, the SCT is a non-profit organization. Therefore in 2016 we must begin to provide back to the community. Your responses to how we should be involved with the community are guiding the discussion around which action(s) to take:


In the survey we’ve received a great show of support, both from a volunteer perspective and in terms of overall goodwill on how the SCT should look and operate as we finalize the foundation. In the interest of confidentiality for individual responses, we will not post them here, but would like to thank everyone for taking the time to complete the survey and for sharing your thoughts with us.

More to come soon.