Final days to get a Founders Club membership

Calling all fellow Founders to spread the word: the opportunity to be a part of Sounders history through the S2 Founders Club membership closes May 15.

How can you help with the final Founders Club membership push? Tell everyone you know, every way you can. Use social media (remember to include @SC_Trust), send an email, talk in person, phone-a-friend, or create smoke signals from the bonfires we’ve built. Invite them to #OwnThe2 and join at

As a Founder, you know this is a unique opportunity that comes with benefits such as a lifetime discounted rate on S2 season tickets, founding member scarf, exclusive access to your team, and more.

Help us make sure no one is left sitting on the bench—Founders Club membership closes May 15.

@SC_Trust #OwnThe2