Emerald City Supporters and the Trust- Natural Partners

imageOnce we started making plans for the Sounders Community Trust, it was only natural that we wanted to include the Club’s supporter groups.  Several of the leaders of the effort to create the Trust are ECS members, and the energy and enthusiasm that the ECS brings on game days to the stadium extend to the notion of the fans and supporters owning a share of their Club.

The Trust of course welcomes members from all supporter groups, but the ECS has gone above and beyond with a special financial commitment to the Trust.  As ECS President Greg Mockos explained… “the chance for supporters to help take ownership of the Club and influence its direction in the future is not one we were going to miss.  ECS is excited to be a part of the future of our beloved Club and believe that this partnership will further grow the soccer supporter culture in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region.”

The General Manager of the Sounders Second Team (S2), Andrew Opatkiewicz, worked closely with Trust leadership and the ECS to create a partnership that will serve to strengthen the support of the Club into the future.  The ECS is already making plans to continue their amazing support at games at Starfire (which is always an extremely popular venue when the first team Sounders play there) and as part of the Trust, ECS will be involved with all aspects of the ownership stake in the capital improvements that are going to be made there.

Shawn Wheeler will head ECS’s efforts with S2, and he will also be accepting a seat on the initial Board of Trustees that will guide the Trust.  As a member of the Board and die-hard supporter of the Sounders, Shawn hopes to be able to encourage the growth and development of the Club’s players as well as maintain the ECS’s leadership among North American supporter groups.  “The ECS is excited about being part of the ownership of the Club, unprecedented for supporters in the US and a dream come true for supporters across the world,” Shawn said.

In addition to ECS nominating a member of the initial Board of Trustees, the group will be selling Trust memberships through their own web store.  ECS members are encouraged to see Shawn for further details, or check out www.WeAreECS.com/page for more information.