Continuing to shape the Community Trust for tomorrow and beyond

It’s been an exciting first season watching S2 and working to build the Sounders Community Trust (SCT) into a non-profit legal entity that will contribute back to the soccer community. Even with the steps we’ve made to lay the foundation for our non-profit organization to exist and how that relationship looks with the S2 Front Office, the process to establish the SCT has been more difficult than we had expected. Despite setbacks, we have progress updates to share with you.

First, if you haven’t already, we need a few minutes of your time to complete the brief eight question survey sent to you earlier this week. Your response to the survey helps us understand your views and is the most important thing you can do right now as a member of the SCT. If you can’t find the survey in your inbox, connect with us to have the invitation resent. We are reading each and every response and recognize that we have a lot of work ahead of us; thank you to those who’ve completed the survey and left feedback.

Operationally we are close to finalizing the documentation that will establish how the SCT operates as a non-profit entity, as a board and membership driven organization, and as an ownership group within the S2 Front Office. Paul Cox has been working closely with supporters-trust-style groups from across the world (shout out to Supporter’s Direct in the UK and FORAS Supporters Trust) to understand how business relationships like SCT-S2 have worked elsewhere.

We’ve also made progress defining the SCT goals, values, and priorities with regard to building towards a member-driven nonprofit organization. Included here has been a long process of establishing by-laws that are necessary in order to secure the official 501 c3 (non-profit) status from the IRS. Thomas Buford has been donating his time to construct the by-laws and define what we need to do in order to become a fully functioning member-driven org.

Together with the S2 Front Office we are closing in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that establishes the framework for our business relationship and includes details around the funds raised through the sale of Founder’s Club memberships. As a reminder, since you’ve purchased a Founder’s Club membership (an S2 owned designation) you are automatically a member of the SCT. Founders Club and SCT, however, are two separate designations.

In addition to finalizing the MOU, Stephanie Steiner will serve as the representative to the S2 Executive Board. Another step we’ve taken is adding two new voting members to the Board of Directors. Daniel Roe, currently serving as our Director of Finance, has been appointed to the board as well as Thom Kephart, the serving Director of Marketing. We are actively looking into expanding the number of voting members on the board in 2016, as well as instituting term limits and a re-election process. Our main focus is to make the SCT a member driven org as quickly as possible.

Interested in getting involved with SCT? We need two volunteers ASAP; an Event planning/execution person, and an “IT person” who can manage a CRM, our database, and who has experience with WordPress/web design/merchandise store functions. If you have interest, contact Paul at for details and to talk about the roles.

Regarding Starfire, the Club’s building project is in the preliminary design phase. They have shared initial artistic designs and basic floor plans with SCT leadership. The project remains Club driven so we don’t have a lot of other details; if you have questions regarding timeline and process connect directly with the Club.

Finally, thank you to all of the future soccer stars, families, and volunteers who have participated in the SCT Dream Team at S2 home games this season.

Everyone reading this deserves a thank you as well. You’re a fan, a supporter, and member of this organization. We are committed to getting fully up-and-running as quickly as possible so that we can start pushing forward with charitable activities.

Thanks for being a member of SCT,

Paul, Thom, and the Sounders Community Trust Board


  1. Heidi Carchano says

    You reference the Clubs building project at Starfire; what can you tell me about that? Thank you

    • Thom Kephart says

      Hi Heidi,

      With the club driving the project we don’t have any more details that what is shared above.