Announcing Incorporation and Board of Directors


Non-profit organization formed to represent community-owners of Seattle Sounders FC 2

SEATTLE, Washington (March 19, 2015) – The Sounders Community Trust (SCT) has announced the incorporation of its non-profit organization by the Corporations and Charities Division of the Secretary of State. The non-profit SCT represents the interests of its members and influence the direction of the Seattle Sounders FC 2 (S2). To facilitate early organizational needs, the SCT has appointed five initial members to its Board of Directors who share a passion and commitment to promoting the development of soccer in the greater Puget Sound region and beyond.

“The Seattle Sounders FC has recognized the importance of fan involvement in the future of the Club and been a pioneer in North American soccer by welcoming 20% ownership of S2 by the community at large,” said Paul Cox, former President of the Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council. “With the incorporation of the SCT as a non-profit, we will be able to ensure that the voices of our community are represented for years to come.”

Joining the Board are early members who helped develop the SCT from concept to an active, contributing ownership group. The SCT Board members represent the wide landscape of the Seattle Sounders FC supporters and include: Kyle Boyd, manager of deployment of compliance management systems for Compli; Paul Cox, air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration; Angelica Mendoza, Civil Division Analyst with the Seattle City Attorney’s Office; Stephanie Steiner, sales and marketing executive in the natural foods business; and Shawn Wheeler, design engineer at Boeing. Throughout the S2 season, the Board will establish an elections process and continue to search for additional directors from within its membership.

“The founding board members are committed to developing the SCT as an organization driven by our membership,” said Kyle Boyd. “As the season progresses, we will actively work to find additional talented leaders within our community willing to invest in the mission of the SCT. Members bring tremendous expertise and experience, and add to our ability to strengthen community access to soccer.”

In addition to at-large member Steiner, Cox will serve as President, Boyd as Vice-President, Mendoza as Secretary, and Wheeler as Treasurer.

The SCT was assisted in the formation and incorporation process by the law firm K&L Gates LLP.  John Wilson and Josh Gaul of the Seattle office of K&L Gates are the SCT’s outside general counsel.


The SCT’s mission is to promote the development of soccer by strengthening community access to, and influence in, the sport. The SCT is formed as a charitable, fan and supporter-managed, nonprofit organization that assumes a 20% interest in S2, influences the direction of the club, and supports soccer in the greater Seattle area. Learn more, subscribe to receive updates, or become a member of the SCT, at


  1. Theresa Carlson says

    I am interested in learning more about the Board of Directors and supporting this endeavor by possibly seeking a position. I am a teacher in the Highline School District for 15 years and have the perspective of students, staff, families. I have been an Assistant Soccer Coach and last fall coached our JV Boys Soccer Team. Please send me information regarding the responsibilities of a Director. Thank you. Theresa Carlson, M.Ed. Literacy

    • Thom Kephart says

      Hi Theresa,

      Thanks for raising your hand and showing your interest. I will make sure the Board members are aware of your question and that your name stays on the contact list as new opportunities arise.

  2. Tyler Horton says

    I am a Founding Member of the SCT. I talked to Paul when I picked up my “box of goodies” at the Ninety and he was saying that the SCT essentially had no money and needed to find ways to raise funds. I’ve got some ideas and concepts up my sleeve and would love to get involved with the leadership and the forward movement for the future of the Community Trust. How are members supposed to get involved with such aspects of the organization?

    • Thom Kephart says

      Hi Tyler,

      Thanks for reaching out. The best way at this point to get involved and raise your ideas is to use the email “connect” icon on the right side of SCT pages. This will enable you to send a message directly to Paul and the rest of the board members. We look forward to hearing more from you.